How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

The length of time required for Invisalign treatment is determined by several factors. Complex orthodontic problems such as crowded teeth or poor bites may require more time to correct. Age may also affect the rate at which teeth move during treatment. One study of 30 volunteers showed that tooth movement increased significantly for those aged 35 to 50 years old. It did not, however, decrease as rapidly among men and women. Moreover, many older people prefer Invisalign treatment over more traditional braces.
Invisalign treatments use aligner trays to gradually shift teeth into their desired positions. Typically, each aligner is worn for one to two weeks, and patients must wear them at least 22 hours per day. During this time, patients must take out their aligners only to brush their teeth, eat, or clean their mouths. During the process, small pieces of enamel are removed from select teeth in order to create space between them.
Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment for straightening teeth without braces. Its unique design and computer technology allow it to be customized to fit every patient's mouth. The company's clear plastic aligners are virtually undetectable. Moreover, they are designed to fit your teeth, allowing you to eat the foods you love without being judged by others. This treatment is ideal for busy individuals, and people who are worried about wearing an appliance while eating or playing sports.
Invisalign treatment involves three steps: a consultation appointment, a 3D scan, and the creation of custom aligners. The dentist uses this 3D model of your teeth to create a treatment plan that addresses all of your unique dental concerns. It's important to consult with your dentist and make sure you have a comfortable fit for the aligners. The dentist will help you understand every aspect of the treatment process and answer any questions you may have about it.
Patients can expect to wear the aligners for approximately twenty to twenty-two hours a day. The aligners are often replaced every week or two, depending on the severity of the problem. Your dentist may extend the time you have to wear the aligners to ensure you're comfortable with the progress. Invisalign treatment lasts anywhere from six to 18 months. The length of treatment time depends on the severity of the problem and the treatment plan you select.
The Invisalign system is made up of clear, plastic aligners that gently and gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. This treatment is virtually invisible and is a great alternative to metal braces. Patients love Invisalign treatment because of its convenience and nonintrusiveness. The clear plastic aligner trays allow patients to keep their oral health and smile intact. This method is surprisingly inexpensive when compared to traditional braces and is ideal for teenagers and adults who understand the importance of complying with the treatment. Visit this page to get more information about the best invisalign treatment.
The Invisalign treatment process begins with a consultation with a doctor who has completed the training to use the Invisalign system. During the consultation, the doctor evaluates the condition of the patient's teeth and maps a digital treatment plan. Then, once the patient approves the plan, a set of custom-made aligners is made. Patients wear these aligners for twenty to twenty-two hours per day. Each new set of aligners moves teeth into place gradually. The entire process takes about twelve to eighteen months.

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